WPC flooring is a collection of Acoustic Vinyl Composite Core click product, which is a new revolution of LVT flooring. It is a perfect alternative to LVT flooring or laminate flooring. It is an engineered flooring product that consists of a LVT top layer, composite core and cork backing with click system. With vinyl on top, it provides a durable and resilient performance; Composite core is an extruded layer which is waterproof with excellent dimensional stability; and cork backing ensures superior sound insulation performance.

Sound & Water Proof

Dual purpose foam underlayment knocks down sound transfer between levels of the home while also providing comfort to live on

Scratch Free

With fortifier in UM our DIAMOND surface treatment performs better in anti-scratch function.


With a fortified layer, the abrasion coefficient of our wear layer is 1500R more than regular wear & tear resistance

Easy Cleaning

DIAMOND surface treatment is effective in presenting Grape globular bacteria, Escherichia and fungi, etc.

wpc Structure

WPC Floor is the true ZERO curling product in the Luxury Vinyl Floor category and it has the best sound insulation performance. This product is very easy to install with little or no tool, and is most suitable for small area applications. You can either simply lay them down, or glue them down for even better performance. It provides extra soft feeling underfoot. Please contact us for more information.

Let's compare WPC with Wood.

1. Since WPC will not rot, nor will it be attacked by termites or insects, its service life is often much longer than that of wood.

2. It will not split.

3. It does not need to be painted like wood.

4. As a man-made material, it is dyed so it will not turn gray like natural wood. Due to the presence of wood fibers, when exposed to ultraviolet light for the first time, the product usually has a somewhat tan. This is natural and temporary. The board may turn yellow slightly, but it will fade and stabilize after a few weeks of exposure.

Available Options/ Types

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