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East African Flooring is a full service flooring company based in Nairobi servicing all the East African countries. As the leading professional flooring experts, our combination of expertise in correct product selection, installation, and services enables our customers to optimize their flooring investments.


To create long-term customer loyalty by delivering the highest standard of quality service available in the residential, commercial and industrial flooring market.



How much does it cost to floor a certain area?

It depends on the flooring type you prefer, your budget limits and the area to be floored.

How do i know which type of flooring is best for my use?

We are there to help you make your decisions. We will advise you on which type of flooring to use on what building and how it will be done.

Can i purchase flooring products from you?

Yes, you can. Visit us at our office located at Devan plaza suite 1b, crossway road, Westlands Nairobi, or visit build construction chemicals for construction chemicals and related products.

Can you apply flooring for me when i have already purchased the marterials?

Yes, you can purchase the marterials and we will do the flooring for you. But why not buy from us?

How can i get a quote.

You can apply for a quotation here, or call us on +254774299636, or email us through .

If my question is not mentioned here, how can i contact you?

You can call us on 0202001038, or email us on or payus a visit. We are located at Devan plaza suite 1b, Crossway road Westlands. as shown on the map.

Do you repair worn-out / old floors?

Yes we do repair. Contact us for more information.

How can i book a site visit?

Just go to the get quote page and fill the details to book a visit to your site.